Purposeful Living

Have you ever found yourself asking the question, What do I want?

Whenever one of my children or Husband is looking for something around the house, I seemed to get accused for throwing it away. Honestly, they have good reason (lol) because I am notorious for doing away with what is not being utilized. In other words, what is no longer utilized or serve a purpose for what I need should get thrown away.

In purposeful living, you will experience cutting, planting, watering, and growing to get to your destiny of becoming the ultimate version of yourself. Change is inevitable. There is a time to plant. There is a  time to water. There is time to take action in what you learn so that you can grow. To become the ultimate version of yourself requires you to step up and step out of your comfort zone, which is nothing more than a mindset that fear change.

What do you want right now?  That is the question. We can come  up with many stories and excuses about how and why of what happened to us. However, it is merely you  justifying why you should remain where you are in your comfort zone (whatever that may be)

As a Professional Coach, I here these stories all  day long and allow the individual to get it all out. At the end of their story my client always seem to be shocked when I simply ask, “what is it that you want?” It sounds cold but it is an attempt for the individual to recognize that regardless of the story, how would you like to rewrite what’s before you? As a Professional Coach, my focus is the goal, dream, or desire you would like to achieve so that you can move closer to living your best life.

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