Career Alignment

Have you ever been rejected for what you know you were born to do?

I remember a time when I made known to my supervisor that I wanted to be in leadership. At the time when I said this to her, I was thinking Managerial Position.

It would be two years of hard work and what I thought they needed to see to get a managerial position. At the same time, something else was happening. I was learning what’s truly meant to be a leader.

Unbeknownst to me, God had prepared something greater where I would step into Executive Leadership.

This post is inspired by a meeting that I sat in today with the former CEO and Board Chair of the company that made me feel like I was NOT what I KNEW I was born to be and that is to be a leader.

How was I able to go from support role to Executive Leadership role? Get in ALIGNMENT with who you are meant to be in this world. It doesn’t stop here for me but it’s a clear example of following a path you were meant for and watching it unfold before your very own eyes.

You can have this experience too. Are you stuck? Confused? Don’t know where to start to get in the career that inspires you?

Go to my website now for a FRE 30 minute strategy call:

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