Do something that SCARES you!

We can have a fear of failure, which causes us to never take risks and while not all risks are good, we have to take some to get ahead. There is also the fear of success, which can be even more debilitating because it tends to be subtle. When we get to the point where … Continue reading Do something that SCARES you!

Perfectionist, the creativity killer

I enjoy Lisa Nichols nuggets of wisdom because they resonate with me quite often. This is one of them. Last night, I was working on a project that is due in a month and my thoughts would not come together for this assignment so I became increasingly frustrated. I walked away from it a few … Continue reading Perfectionist, the creativity killer

Over-coming Self-Doubt, One Small Win at a Time

I believe the antidote to procrastination and fear is ACTION! Just do it! However, sometimes there are negative influences at play when we decide to come out of our comfort zone. The voice that repeatedly lie to you saying, “you are not enough”, the inner critic that shows up when you take a step forward that causing you to stop forward … Continue reading Over-coming Self-Doubt, One Small Win at a Time